Need a face and a voice for your tourism business? 

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Tourism is all about people.  So therefore it's important to stay connected with those who can help promote your business - the travel trade! 

With over 20 years of agent relationships throughout the world, we can help you be seen in a pretty crowded marketplace with our engaging and entertaining training sessions, regular updates to our newsletter database, in-person sales calls and attendance at key trade and consumer shows throughout the year.

BENEFITS of working with me: No recruitment fees, I have established connections, I can hit the ground running, I have a very good understanding of the tourism landscape, I know what information to put in front of trade partners, I have a track record of success. 

I make it my business to understand your business and will provide my collection of non-competing clients with an array of ideas and opportunities so you can stand out and be a market leading brand within the travel trade. 

Are you Export Ready? 

What does it take to be 'export ready' in tourism?  Download our 'Are You Export Ready?' Checklist before you spend time and money investing in international markets.

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How we can help YOU


In-person sales calls (NZ)

Regular call cycle to inbound operators located in New Zealand.


Online training webinars

Connect into our huge database of engaged travel agents throughout the world by joining our online training programme.  Your business will have its own 'course' complete with quiz questions and contact details. 


In-person sales calls (Australia)

(when border restrictions permit)

Regular sales calls and training sessions with all key wholesalers and top retail chains throughout Australia.


Trade Show Representation

Just need an extra set of hands at your next trade or consumer show?  Get in touch to see how we can help promote your business.   We can even help with the design of your stand to help you 'stand out' from the crowd.

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Michelle is an exceptionally energetic and dedicated person in all aspects of her work. Whilst with our company Michelle had a range of roles in which she made a big positive difference, mostly in business development and go to market product design in the tourism industry.