Need some Sales & Marketing grunt for your tourism brand? 

We manage a full range of services, covering all disciplines of marketing, trade representation, Media & PR, branding and events, and can even help with influencer marketing. Our 25 years experience and expertise in the NZ & Global tourism markets, creativity, vast network and a huge serving of passion has got the industry talking about us, cementing us as the go-to agency when you’re looking for a reliable partner. Whether you need a face and voice for your brand, or someone to represent you at a standalone event, we’re right here for you. 

The greatest measure of our success is our clients’ satisfaction, demonstrated by the longevity of our relationships and how our clients talk about us.   

Chat with us today about how you we can help leverage your tourism brand, and take those pesky sales & marketing tasks off your to-do list.



We work with you to understand your sales & marketing strategy, opportunities and challenges, develop a tactical plan for your selected markets, and manage the plan to meet your sales goals. We know the trade in person, and know exactly how to find the right contacts to help you achieve your goals and objectives, and to finally make the best match possible. We'll report back regularly to discuss all opportunities that present themselves.

We use our deep understanding of B2B and B2C tactics to deliver your message to the people that drive customer decisions. This might include regular sales calls, road shows, famils or carrying out training for the travel industry.

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Interactive group workshops with proven outcomes.  Get together with like-minded businesses, or just your team.  We can run them in person, over zoom or a combination of both and we'll schedule them to fit what works for you.

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The DESTINATE NZ Show Podcast is now live!  Each week we'll share some of our tips and ideas for growing your business, or just surviving this uncertain post Covid world. 


Earning a space within the hearts and minds of your audience is becoming more competitive, yet more important, than ever. We truly understand every facet of international tourism marketing and proudly assist the most ambitious businesses grow into #mustdo travel experiences.

We help you enter the travel distribution channels and maintain your position by developing impactful marketing strategies, marketing campaigns, marketing communications to content. Leveraging social media to market your product is something we also do as well as organizing famil trips, travel trade shows, maintaining relations with third-party partners such as airlines, regional and national tourism offices and much more.

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Back to Basics

Need a plan?  Look no further.  We help you formulate your strategy with actionable and measurable goals. 

Don't let that plan sit on the bottom drawer any longer. Our workshops deliver you all the insights you need to create a supercharged plan and winning formula that you will use daily.