Market Representation

Get your product contracted!  This is the only way agents can book your product.   We conduct sales calls on behalf of your business, develop informative and memorable training sessions for frontline sellers, and offer representation at key trade and consumer events. 




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Interactive group workshops with proven outcomes.  Get together with like-minded businesses, or just your team.  We can run them in person, over zoom or a combination of both and we'll schedule them to fit what works for you.



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The Podcast

This is our 'pivot'. 

The DESTINATE NZ Show Podcast is now live!  Each week we'll share some of our tips and ideas for growing your business, or just surviving this uncertain post Covid world. 

To listen in, click here. 

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Contract, Project or P/T Marketing

Looking to develop a new marketing plan for the summer? Needing some help to execute your plans? Not sure if you can justify a full-time resource? 

We may be able to help.  Whether it's 4hrs per week or 20hrs, let's chat to see how we can help you get that marketing plan in action in time for Christmas and the border opening (hopefully soon after!)

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Strategy Development & Planning

We help you formulate your strategy with actionable and measurable goals. 

Don't let that plan sit on the bottom drawer any longer. Our workshops deliver you all the insights you need to create a supercharged plan and winning formula that you will use daily. Learn More


What We Do

We help tourism operators and small business owners destinate their businesses through effective planning, implementation and reporting.  Our 25 years experience working in sales, marketing and operations with some of New Zealand's largest tourism operators means we can help you through the jargon and clutter to get to the heart of what really matters - YOUR success! 

Whether it's a new business plan, some help with a marketing campaign or project, or you need to develop a communications plan, we can help.  We also offer a free 30min consultation before you need to commit to anything so feel free to contact us and book in a time.  

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