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If you need some inspiration to write your business plan, smash your marketing objectives or just need to prioritise your workflow, you've come to the right place.

Throughout many years of working with some of NZ Tourism's largest businesses, we have honed our strategic skills to help you focus and achieve success.

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Most strategy is about making choices.  Always clear, but sometimes tough choices.  We will guide you through developing a winning aspiration, your purpose and guiding mission, and core values.

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We'll look at your competition, develop personas for your ideal customers, review market segments and product offers.
We'll then decide how you will win - through identifying your brand position, value differentiation and brand promise.


Having a plan is only part of the process, we need to determine and build people, systems and capability to support the goals. 
What are your key KPIs and how will they be measured?  What processes do you need to implement? What capabilities/competencies do you need?



How will you achieve your goals?  What do you need to do and when? What might stop you from achieving them?  These are all questions covered in this section of the strategic planning workshop.

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You'll have a copy of our workbook that has been developed especially for tourism businesses, plus everything we decide will go onto a one page plan that can sit on your wall in the office so the entire team can engage with it.

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This workshop works best when run over a full day, but can be broken down into shorter sessions and delivered online as well.  Your workbook will be sent to you to download in this instance.

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