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Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp DOWN!

Well you've no doubt woken up this morning just like me to find that Facebook, Instagram AND Whatsapp are all experiencing a major outage. There is even talk of Facebook staff not being able to access their offices due to swipe cards not working. This sounds major.

So if you're also like me, and jump on social media the moment you wake up, you probably experienced a slight panic about how you would send out your daily updates, communicate with your customers, promote your business for school holidays. It's pretty incredible how much social media rules our lives.

There is some good news.... Twitter is still fully operational and it's quite amusing to see the three big platforms all turn to Twitter this morning to announce they have an outage. Well most of us had figured that out even if it was after resetting our phones, turning the WIFI off and on again to check what was wrong.

So what will you do? Hopefully you have an email list - use that to communicate any important updates to your customers. They're all in the same boat flicking between the social media giants waiting for news to come through that it's back up online. But emails are still working, and you'll probably find the open rates are super high when the other social media platforms aren't available.

It's also a good time to review your communications strategy, and the channels you use - this isn't the first time Facebook has had an outage, and probably won't be the last - so it's important that not all your eggs are in the one basket.

Need some help? Feel free to drop me a line - I have a really informative Communications Workshop that I run and would be happy to guide you through your plan.

Have a super day!


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