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Strengthen Remote Relationships

Being remote can have its benefits, but it can totally change the dynamics when it comes to connecting with your team.

That's why it's super important to try and have human interaction as much as possible when you're working remotely.

Here are three ways you can adapt how you act online to make things more personal.

Pick up the Phone

Sometimes 20 messages would be better sorted with a phone call most of the time. It also helps keeps things clear - something that is really important for remote teams.

To keep to time, you can start by saying:

"Let's see what we can accomplish in 5 minutes, and then I have to hop off. You can always message/slack/text me and I'll check in later."

Keep your video on

If someone on a call has their camera off, what do you assume they are doing?

Whatever it is, you probably don't believe they're engaged or paying attention on the other end of the line, so why would you let your team think that about you?

Video helps people see body language and facial expressions, and avoid miscommunications.

Use voice or video messages

Messaging tools like Slack or Teams can be a blessing and a curse. While they can be a great tool for communicating while remote, it's also quite limited. Try sending a voice recording or sending a video when you're explaining something (check out Loom for screen recording while you're explaining as well). It helps your team understand context and pick up on your mood - things you don't always get in a quick message.

Start NOW

There are plenty of ways that you can maintain a strong connection with your team while remote, but these are 3 great ways to get started.

You've probably got a bunch of emails or slack messages to reply to now. Why not jump on a call to respond instead?

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